The layout or renovation of an office space is not just an aesthetic issue. On the contrary, the design of the premises of a company can have a significant impact on its degree of productivity. For sustainable results, one must know how to separate truly effective organizational solutions from short-term trends. Here are four things to consider when making your office development project a wise investment.

An opening towards collaboration

In recent years, we have given a lot of importance to collaborative work which has been observed in several economic sectors. This shift brings a significant change to the workspaces. Large communal tables replaced the cubicles, and intelligent communication systems have been developed to accommodate the movements of assigned positions within a company. At the same time, the benefits of relaxing areas and attractive kitchen corners are carefully emphasized and delineated in collaborative spaces.

Respect of intimacy

Designing a place that promotes creativity and productivity is a matter of balance. If you decide to leave the walls, consider creating spaces where your team members can focus fully on the tasks that are best done alone. Make sure this place is welcoming, comfortable and well lit.

Offices at your image: it matters

A brand image takes time to build. By integrating it into your decorative choices, you showcase it in a concrete way and make your partners aware of your corporate culture. In addition, you help to cultivate an essential sense of belonging among your employees. Investing in ergonomic furniture and attractive decor is far from a waste of money. They are key elements of productivity. The addition of green plants, the optimization of light sources and the choice of attractive but non-distracting colours are some of the proven ways to create a stimulating space.

Do not omit basic needs

Even the trendiest room will quickly become a source of frustration if the electrical outlets are not found! Also take some time to think about how best to share printers and storage units, in order to make them accessible without creating traffic. Finally, all tools matter: providing collaborative spaces with magnetic whiteboards, for example, is the type of detail that makes teamwork easier.

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Posted by:Marc-André La Barre