Conception of a Condo in a Westmount Home

Avenue Grosvenor, Montreal, QC

The top floor of this dwelling was entirely remodeled and transformed into a condo that could then be sold by its owners. This ambitious project was directed by the Bipède design firm.

To create a fully independent home, a new kitchen had to be built from scratch. The space was completed in a style that is both inviting and conventional, ready to be personalized by prospective buyers.

With the removal of a load-bearing wall, the complete soundproofing of the unit and the refurbishment of the floors, this space became a warm and open condo. In the end, the owners who had planned to sell this top floor chose to move in and sell the ground floor instead.

Type of agreement: fixed-price

Budget: $100,000 – $150,000

Length of construction: 4 months

Year of project: 2012