Conception of a New Restaurant

Restaurant:  Chez Carl Express Pizzeria

103 Jacques Le Ber, L’Île-des-Soeurs, Montreal, QC

The ground floor of a residential tower on the northern tip of L’Île-des-Soeurs was to welcome a new restaurant: Chez Carl Express. The trendy interior design was handled by the Jean de Lessard design firm.

The layout is quite simple: the long, rectangular dining room is almost entirely occupied by tables, except for the bar area. The kitchen stands behind this bar, offering an unobstructed view to curious diners.

The sleek design effortlessly radiates warmth while fostering industrial inspirations. This is achieved by the juxtaposition of wood, metal and concrete materials as well as by the rust-coloured lighting fixtures.

Type of agreement: fixed-price

Budget: $125,000 – $150,000

Length of construction: 2 months

Year of project: 2014