Expansion and Interior Remodeling

Rue Des Seigneurs, Montreal, QC

This house in Little Burgundy was transformed by the architect Geneviève Bégin. The comprehensive renovation project included a kitchen makeover and an updated second-floor bathroom.

The expansion of the house towards the back added 80 square feet of space per floor, over three floors. This made way for a larger, open-plan kitchen and dining space as well as the addition of an upstairs bedroom.

Not only did the expansion add a considerable amount of living space, it also did a great deal for the home’s luminosity. The choice of panoramic windows enabled this home’s inhabitants to make the most of their beautiful surroundings.

“You do a lot for us both during and after the job, and I believe this is the case for all your clients. I want to mention our appreciation.”

Geveniève B. – Architect

Type of agreement: cost plus

Budget: $100 000 – $150,000

Length of construction: 5 months

Year of project: 2013

As seen in La Presse