Kitchen and Laundry Room Conception

Rue St-Marc, Montreal, QC

This downtown Montreal dwelling updated its kitchen design and installed a new laundry room in the basement. A staircase was built to optimize the functional distance between both spaces.

The new kitchen’s style is both country in inspiration and contemporary in functionality. A light-coloured wood was chosen for the cabinets which, combined to rectangular white tiles on the backsplash, create a quaint ambiance. The construction of a new, non-invasive staircase was a challenge that benefitted from the La Barre expertise.

The convenient connection between the kitchen and laundry room, situated directly one atop another, has made this part of the house a true operational hub.

Type of agreement: fixed-price

Budget: $50,000 – $75,000

Length of construction: 12 weeks

Year of project: 2010