Model Condo Concepts

Devimco District Griffin Project

1040 Wellington, Montreal, QC

Since 2013, La Barre Construction has collaborated with Devimco’s District Griffin development project, located in Griffintown. Each year, the project’s model units are renovated to highlight upcoming phases of development to potential buyers. These spaces are an essential sales tool and must be frequently updated and consistently flawless.

“La Barre Construction achieves demands on time and on budget. This is a professional and detail-oriented organization. We are extremely satisfied.”

Marco F., Devimco

Through these frequently transformed condo units, La Barre Construction exhibits its ability to stay at the forefront of design and construction trends.

Type of agreement: cost plus

Budget: $100,000 – $125,000 yearly

Length of construction: 2 months

Year of project: 2013 – present day