Complete Remodeling of a Private Residence

Springgrove Avenue, Outremont, QC

This Outremont property was updated inside and out. The project included an expansion towards the back and the complete revamping of the landscape design. A distinguished yet unostentatious style was chosen, serving to respect the building’s classic character while providing functional warmth to the living space.

Special care was put towards the harmonious choice of materials. The interior work included the refurbishment of the main staircase as well as the renewal of the floors. Only the original main entrance marble floor was preserved and restored to its original lustre.

Outside, the masonry had to be replaced and new windows were installed. The building’s owner took advantage of this comprehensive renovation to equip the master bathroom with a steam shower and to convert the old cold chamber into a custom wine cellar.

Type of agreement: cost plus

Budget: $750,000 – $1,000,000

Length of construction: 8 months

Year of project: 2015