Renovation of a Historical Condo

Rue De la Commune, Montreal, QC

This dwelling in the heart of Old Montreal was entirely revamped to its new owners’ liking. The remodeling of this beautiful space included work in the bathroom and kitchen, and necessitated an effort in preservation as well as in renovation.

“Outstanding work from La Barre Construction. Our project manager truly worked for us and prevented any overshooting in terms of time or money. She was very professional in her follow-ups; we never had to face a bad surprise. All workers on the team were highly competent and cooperative to special demands. My partner and I both heartily recommend La Barre!”

Arnaud D. -T.

This historical space deserved to have its original materials preserved and showcased, and contemporary additions were expertly used for this purpose.

Type of agreement: cost plus

Budget: $50,000 – $75,000

Length of construction: 2 months

Year of project: 2014