Renovation of a Home in Outremont

Outremont, Montreal, QC

Special care is needed to turn a house into a home. This building had been partially renovated before its purchase, but La Barre Construction and the architect Geneviève Bégin made it into a household perfectly suited to the wants and needs of its new occupants.

Major additions included a steam shower in the master bathroom and the conception of a highly practical mudroom for the secondary entrance. The backyard landscape was also beautifully redesigned. To top if off, the old cold chamber was converted into a stunning wine cellar, complete with a black lacquered ceiling for a mirrored effect.

Unfortunately, the renovations uncovered long-standing water damage. About 150 square feet of surface had been penetrated by mould, necessitating decontamination and renewal.

Type of agreement: cost plus

Budget: $350,000 – $500,000

Length of construction: 4 months

Year of project: 2013